Saving Money On Your Gas & Electric                                                                         Has Never Been Easier


Switching to Heat Pumps can drastically increase your renewable energy intake - all while saving you money!


Are you conscious about your environment and concerned about the rising fuel costs?

The impact that this has on both of your gas and elecricity bills may tempt you to consider money saving options, such as heat pump installation.


So.. What Are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps and air conditioning units are very similar, they use the same physical laws to operate. They both compress a refrigerant, then they allow the gas/liquid to get to it's ambient temperature, and then they let this expand which then releases the desired air.

The only difference between heat pumps and air conditioning is heat pumps heat the air while air conditioning cools it.

Heat pumps are a much more cost effective heating system for your home or business compared to traditional systems such as boilers.


Advantages Of Heat Pumps


Lower Running Costs

Compared to traditional heating systems such a boilers, Heat Pumps are much more cost effective to run. You could be saving up to £1400 per year!


Less Maintenence

Heat Pumps require less servicing than traditional heating systems, only once a year does your unit's components have to be serviced.


They Are Safer In Your Home/Business

Heat pumps are usually situated outside of your premises so there is little to no chance that if anything would malfunction it wouldn't effect your house or business


Lower Your Carbon Emissions

Heat Pumps have a efficient conversion rate of energy to heat, therefore lowering your carbon emissions. This contributes to lowering the rising levels of pollution and green house gases. 


Can Provide Cooling

During warmer months, heat pumps can reverse the way they operate - thus acting like air conditioning and releasing cool air rather than warm which lets you have the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost!

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