F-Gas Regulation's

The F-Gas Regualtions have been in place since July 2007, but have been largely ignored by many end user's.


There is alot of confusion on who is responsible, what is required, who will be checking that you comply and what the punishment will be if F-gas checks are ignored.


What are F-Gases ?

F-gases are fluorinated green house gases, a family of chemical's that contain Fluorine. Most F-gases are very powerful green house gases which contribute to global warming if emitted into the atmosphere. HFC's (Hyrofluorocarbon's) used in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system's are common F-Gases.


What is required ?


Essentially the regulation's make all operator's of the equipment legally responsible for:


1) Taking feasible step's to prevent F-Gas leakage from all system's, having any detected leakage repaired as soon as possible and having any repairs checked within one month to ensure that they are successful.


2)Having leakage check's conducted on all system's at regular interval's (ranging from quartley to annually according to the quantity of refrigerant in the system).


3)Having approved automatic leak detector's fitted on system's using 300kg or more of refrigerant and subjecting the detector's to annual functionality check's.


4)Maintaining precise record's, and when required making these available to the regulator(ie The Environment Agency or your local authority). Records require for example the quanity and type of refrigerant installed in each system, the quantite's added or recovered during maintenance or service and the engineer's detail's who carried ot the work.


5)Keeping the recovery note's for recovered F-Gases during the servicing of your plant.


6)Having equipment correctly labelled with type and quantity of the F-Gas contained with init.


7)Never using or selling non-refillable container's for transporting or storing F-gas refrigerant.


Who is responsible ?


The person who is responsible for the compliance of the F-Gas regulation's, is the operator, ie who own's the equipment / use's the equipment,containing the F-gas refrigerant.


It is also the responsibility of the operator to check the engineer's and the company carrying out the work's on the equipment are both qualified to current standard's.


Who will be checking you comply ?


The Environment agency and local council's will have the authority to carry out check's on your F-Gas record's and equipment.


What can be the punishment if F-Gas check's are ignored ?


The Environment agency and the local council's have the authority to issue punishment's from advise and guidance to serving a prohibition notice to either a piece of equipment or a whole site being shut down.


There are two thing's to consider with the penalite's:

1) Can you afford the bad publicity for your business being shut down for breaching environmental regulation's.


2)Can you afford to operate your business with out your air conditioning or refrigeration system's operating.





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All Direct Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Co Ltd engineer's are trained to the required standard to meet the requirement's of the legisation in order to help companies properly maintain there equipment and stay within the law.

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